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"My aim is to capture the essence and authenticity of each woman's unique journey, celebrating her beauty and resilience while cultivating a deeper sense of self-love and empowerment."

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Connection. Photography for the mother.

A motherhood session dedicated to honouring the profound bond between a mother and baby. Whether capturing the radiant glow of maternity or the tender moments once your baby is earthside, this photography offering celebrates the pure connection and love shared between mother and child.

With a gentle and heartfelt approach you'll be able to embrace the joy and tenderness of this transformative journey. Every precious interaction, every loving touch, and every shared glance is captured with care and artistry, preserving the essence of your unique motherhood story through images that evoke the warmth, love, and unbreakable bond that defines your golden hearts.

Introductory Price:


Embrace Your Inner Melody. Photography for the Divine Feminine.

Step into the enchanting realm of a Songbird Session, where you'll discover the power of your unique voice and embrace the melody that resides within.


This photography experience celebrates your journey of self-expression, capturing the essence of your vibrant spirit and creative energy. This offering invites you to soar and share your authentic melody with the world. Through captivating imagery and a harmonious collaboration, we'll capture the essence of your creative soul, empowering you to embrace your passions, find your rhythm, and share your song with the universe.

Introductory Price:


An offering for the Sacred Masculine.

Coming Soon.

Introductory Price:
Coming Soon

All sessions include:

  • Pre-session consultation: A discussion to understand your vision, preferences, and goals for the session.

  • Photography session: A dedicated session capturing in a Golden Hearts Offering: the connection between mother and baby, either during the maternity phase or once your baby is born. And for a Songbird Session: An enchanting experience that celebrates your individuality and inner spirit, capturing your unique essence and beauty

  • Professional editing: Careful post-processing to enhance the beauty of the images while maintaining their authenticity.

  • High-resolution digital images: A selection of fully edited, high-quality digital images that showcase the special moments and emotions shared during the session.

  • Online gallery: A password-protected online gallery to conveniently view and download your images.

  • Print release: Permission to print and reproduce the images for personal use.

  • Option for prints and products: Access to a variety of high-quality prints, albums, or other customized products to preserve and showcase your cherished memories. (COMING SOON)

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Share your vision with me and let's create something magical.

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